When I started practicing yoga 7-ish years ago, I did it for strictly physical reasons: flexibility, injury prevention, balance, and strength.

Nevertheless, we ended each hour-long grueling session with 5 minutes of relaxation and guided meditation. I came to cherish those last few minutes!

Today, I have incorporated meditation into my schedule every day [along with affirmations] and have seen an immense improvement in my clarity of thought and my ability to deal with stress.

The benefits of regular meditation have been scientifically tested, and proven, and it’s something that I just don’t think we music teachers do enough of. We are surrounded all day with sound, and I believe for most of us that noise becomes habitual. We may even start to be uncomfortable with silence (unless we’re just the opposite and cherish the silence even more!)

This infographic from Live and Dare.com shows just a few of the more than 3,000 medical benefits of meditation that have been discovered.

Though meditation can just be sitting silently, guided meditations can help you ‘practice’ a certain feeling. To this end, I humbly submit to you a guided meditation that I created specifically for music educators.

Unlike many guided meditations that fill the empty space with music, I have left the background empty so that you may fill it with whatever music you desire…if you desire any at all!

Once you download it, I would recommend you listen to it at least once per day. Just as with practicing an instrument, if you want something to change in your life you must also practice it consistently.

If you’re looking for additional guided meditations, I highly recommend THIS APP.

I have it set to send me a notification when I’m smack-dab in the middle of my teaching day. It has been marvelous to see over the months that I’ve been using it how I can at any time I can find the relaxed, happy calm that I desire, (yes, even with 24 kindergarteners running around my room singing “High Stepping Horses”)

I hope you enjoy this meditation- and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on meditation in the comments section below.