If you’ve been following this blog and the Music Ed Mentor Podcast you know we’ve been really focused on giving you great music performance tips. For good reason…

So, you’re in the right place!

If you heard the most recent episode of the podcast, you’ll be familiar with my interview with Michael Levine where he shares with us some of his best music performance tips he’s gleaned over the last 30 years directing the Dallas Brass.

This got me thinking…

…what are some more specific ways we can incorporate his music performance tips into our own program…even if our performance is in just a couple of days!?

Friends, I’ve done most of these in performances and let me tell you, I’ve started creating concerts that the audience don’t just remember…they never forget. Just today I had a volunteer at our school tell me how much she is looking forward to our upcoming Veteran’s Day Salute, especially because of last years’ outstanding success.

I still have parents citing specifics from our performance last spring…and I guarantee it’s not just because of the cuteness of the kids. 

It’s because I apply these exact same ideas that I’m offering you in this download.

[One parent said of a recent performance, “I’ve seen kids concerts before, but I’ve never seen anything like that.

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31 Last-Minute Ways to Add Sizzle to Your Next Performance

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