It was my privilege to shake the hands of our district CFO last week as he congratulated me on the check my foundation just received for $9,280. 

He was shaking my hand because it was the grant I wrote that was awarded.

I had a little internal chuckle because that grant took me about 30 minutes to write. It took longer to print, make copies, and drive down to the submission point than it actually did to write the grant.

[Don’t tell on me though, okay? I try and make it look like a huge effort…]

But really I was able to do it thanks to my innovative grant writing method I developed and teach in my online training How to Write a Grant in 30 Minutes or Less.

That’s not what we’re talking about today though. Today it’s about what mistakes music educators make when writing grants, and how you can avoid them so that the next time you take the time and effort to write and submit a grant you aren’t making these same mistakes!


Scroll through the gallery below:

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"How To Write a Grant in 30 Minutes or Less"

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