I’ve done some very challenging things in my life.

I’ve ridden 108 miles around the White Rim of Canyonlands on my mountain bike in ONE NIGHT [twice]. I’ve summited mountains at 10,000, 11,000, 12,000, 13,000 and 14,000+ feet. I have ridden my bike over 7 backcountry days from Durango to Moab, hiked for 6 days through the San Juan Mountains. I’ve raced [and won] triathlons and duathlons. I’ve run a 1/2 marathon and am training for another right now.*

I’ve birthed three children. I’ve gone through a divorce.

All of these things have pushed me to my mental and physical boundaries…

and they all pale in comparison to the mental tricks I have to play on myself to get excited to return to teaching this year.

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE my job. I LOVE my school. I LOVE my students. I know I have it good. I have it GREAT.

And yet even I struggle.

So this week I’m putting what I’ve learned through all of those previous challenges to the test. It’s the same thing that kept my feet moving forward, my bike pedals rotating, and my heart from exploding with fear and/or sheet mental and/or physical exhaustion…

Baby Steps.

On each of the aforementioned journeys [and many I haven’t mentioned] I have always reached the point where I have to make a choice. Fortunately, the options are few:

○ Go Back
○ Stop
○ Go Forward

In every single circumstance I have chosen to go forward. Even if it’s only a few steps at a time.

Baby Steps Meme

Last winter it was exactly 50 steps at a time. I was snowshoeing into a hut, breaking trail in 2 feet of snow and chasing daylight at 9,000 feet and that was as many steps as I could manage. I would stop and think, “Just 50 more steps. Just 50 more.”

The first step was always the hardest.

Which is why I’m going to make THIS year’s first step back to school as easy as possible…

Which means packing the first week full of fun activities. Learning names quickly. Having plenty of ways to ease myself and the students back into the school year…working up from watching hilarious videos and playing circle games to the rigor of learning repertoire.

If you’d like to join me in making the first step nearly effortless, I’ve created a list of First Week of School Activities that are broken down into:

○ Learning Names and Name Games

○ Icebreakers and “Getting to Know You”

○ Fun Videos about Music and Class Rules

Simply enter your email below to access the download.

First Week of School Music Activities

Having several of these resources on-tap will be almost as good as having a delicious micro-brew on tap after a successful first week!


*I share many of my adventures on my blog: trails365.com

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