Face it: There are very very very extremely very few grants or district or school budgets or PTA’s or Booster Clubs or anything else ever that are just going to hand you thousands of dollars for the BIG items you need.

Whether it’s instruments, additions to your music library, new risers, or a whole new fine arts facility- getting 5-figure funding can and will be a challenge.

But in an effort to help you simplify the process, I’ve created a step-by-step procedure you can ¬†follow that will make it feel…well..only a little less effortless than handing it over to your booster club.

If you even have a booster club.

Which most of us don’t.

Just watch this video- and forgive me if the links don’t work and such because I did it several months ago and I know I need to remake it for y’all but school started and now I’m spending the majority of my time teaching K-4 students how to keep a beat and sing the National Anthem.

Is this NOT a familiar issue, but others are?

Perhaps you’ve been told you’re “NOT ALLOWED to fund raise”…

Or your community is somewhat less than enthusiastic about nurturing that sweet sweet music program you’ve developed…

Or perhaps you’re just exhausted with the rig-a-more-all of trying to get anything ordered when you have to jump through 1.5 million hoops to do so….

Click the button below and access my Funding Finder tool to discover the effective and easy solution to YOUR funding issue!

And remember, I’m here for you, bro.

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