Business Strategy Bootcamp

Business Strategy Bootcamp

Are you tired of watching your competition continue to grow, while you just seem to break even? Are you frustrated by not knowing the tricks for getting ahead? Do you worry about the risk of new competition entering the market? Do you feel like you should have some kind of a plan, but you don’t? Do you sense there are things you should know, or should be doing, but aren’t sure what they are, to bring your business more success

Do you desire more CERTAINTY and FREEDOM?

Then this course is right for you!

I’ll be teaching you essential concepts, with actionable outcomes.

No gimmicks. No frills. No get-rich-quick.

Just savvy business sense, and the ‘secrets’ that smart business owners need to know.

It’s practical business education- customized for you. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this

2-Hour Session:

  • How to discretely size up your competition, and what you need to be learning from them.
  • The secrets to using your competition, and THEIR strategies, to grow your own business.
  • What you need to do to make sure the customers are flocking to YOU
  • The 3 biggest marketing trends you should be using right now, and the fastest, most cost-effective ways to implement them, STRESS FREE!
  • How to build your ‘Tribe’- the dedicated staff and clientele that will market FOR you, and keep coming back for more.

I know some of this can feel OVERWHELMING.

Now take that energetic feeling and shift it to feel like excitement.

We’ll take it in bite-size pieces, and give you the tools, templates, and take-aways you need to NOT feel overwhelmed. 



You will gain access to all the tools, tricks, tips, and essential concepts of crafting a business strategy.. YOU WILL LEARN, GROW, and find your



I would highly recommend Elisa to any small business owner, weather you are thinking about starting a new business or have been in business for decades as we have, who is looking to work smarter rather than harder.

— Kelly Ryan, San Juan Hut Systems

Your Business Strategy Bootcamp will be taught by Elisa, who helps small businesses like yours build their strategies and find success. A life-long teacher and learner, Elisa knows just how to serve you the practical knowledge that you need, and give you the tools to instantly put them into action for YOUR business.

You’ll not only be given the crash-course in Business Strategy, you’ll have fun doing it.