As Music in Our Schools Month draws to a close, I have to ask myself this question: Though I’m promoting music education in my OWN school…how can I truly help other music educators get what they need in THEIR school?

The answer is really quite simple: if I can help you get more confidence, more funding, and more support then that’s what I want to do!

So I’ve made some major updates to my grant writing course and instead of having you invest $297… or even $97….I’m offering it to you for only $7. I want the barriers between you and this awesome source of funding to be null and void, so that you have ZERO reasons to pass up this opportunity.

Quick Review: Why Grants?

Because they are a HUGE return on your time investment. You put in the bit of time to write them, and you can get thousands of $$$. I know, I recently became the top fundraiser on my board for a grant that took me only 30 minutes to write. The others hosted poker nights (income: $750), dinners where they asked friends for money (income: $500), and even several partner nights with local restaurants (income: $1300 with 5 restaurants!). It was a lot more work than it had to be…think of the last fundraiser YOU had to do! Trust me, writing a grant can be 1,000 times easier. (For reference, my grant brought in $9,280. And I didn’t have to clean my house or ask anyone for money.)

And remember, your education will stay with you for…well…forever. For as long as you use it!

Whether you decide to take me up on this offer or not, I am so grateful to have you as part of my community, and truly hope to be a help to you in whatever capacity you may need that help!


Because we’re all in this thing together.

This price will be good only until April 4th…then it goes back up to the $97 price! So don’t wait.