If you’ve been following my blog, Facebook, or any other social media that I post on, you’re aware that I’ve just launched my online course, Confident Grant Writing.

What you may not have noticed, is that I spent several weeks burning the candle at both ends to create content that I passionately feel will help music educators- or any other type of educator- be more successful in their grant and proposal writing endeavors.

You see, as much as I wish I could make creating awesome content to help better the lives of educators my full-time gig, I can’t…yet. I’m committed still to my K4 teaching job- because I love the students and am really freaking good at it.

I also spent the last few weeks preparing for a symphony audition. Which meant daily practice on my horn.

And getting my daughter playing her trombone better.

And looking for houses so I can stop renting (I HATE RENTING!)

And attempting to manage my social media accounts.

And take care of my two little boys who are doing scouts and robotics, respectively.

And volunteer with my district foundation, because I’m on the board.

And still have time to spend with my friends.

And not feel like I’m neglecting my boyfriend.

And I’ve spent the day today preparing for my NAfME webinar!

I imagine that much of this resonates with you as well.

It’s a hard balance between what we want to do and what we actually make time to do.

But I’m happy to report that yesterday I blew off the rest of ‘life’ to spend the day hiking  Little Wild Horse Canyon and Goblin Valley State Park with my kids and my awesome boyfriend, Matt.

Was it a productive ‘work’ day for me? No.

Was it essential for my own well-being? Yes.

I know as teachers we want to go-go-go…there’s always more we can do, that we feel like we should do…especially if we get on Pinterest!

But life isn’t always about your job. Life is about life, and living it. And being joyful in it. And if you find yourself not being joyful in everything you do, perhaps it’s time to take a short break and put aside being productive and live your life. 

In the long run, it will increase your productivity 1000%*

If you agree, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear what YOU do to rejuvenate your productivity. Post a comment and share it below.

*I make no claims at the actual percentage taking time to live life will increase your work productivity. You really should just do it.