It only comes around once a year.

Kind of like your birthday. Or the last day of school. Or Santa Claus.

So it’s time to make the most of it!

The National Association for Music Education has proclaimed March to be ‘Music In Our School’s Month’. This is a perfect opportunity to create advocacy opportunities for your music program, gain more influence in your community, and get your kids involved in appreciating that they get to have music in their school.

Here are some more unconventional ways that you can leverage this less-often-than-a-blue-moon opportunity:

Put together a ‘group sing’ at your school. Think of this like an assembly, but with a sing-along video. This could be easily scheduled at the end of a school day. Heck, they do it all the time for sports pep assemblies, right? Why not a big rah-rah for the music department?


Connect with other schools around the country and tell everyone you’re doing it. Connect with like-ensemble educators around the nation for a single class period or a larger combined concert experience. You can use an online meeting service like to share video with each other LIVE and FREE!


Shoot an email to 3-4 local reporters offering to be the expert if they choose to do a segment on Music in Our Schools month. If it can be cleared with your admin, invite them to come out to your school.

Post daily on all your social media pages about the power of music. Tag your school administration, district administration, and local elected officials and say, “Thanks for all the great support! Our [insert elected officials title] sure knows what’s best for students in [your city/county/district].


Create a short YouTube video about your music program and share share share it! Even if it’s just a rehearsal setting and you get the kids to say, “We Love [insert your music class] at [insert your school]!”

What do you have planned for this month of music? Comment below!

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