I have a reputation now.

It’s for standing-room-only performances.

Why is that? It’s easy! I create programs that incorporate popular music, movement, instruments, and adorable students who know how to sing musically. It’s a winning combination.

Guys, I don’t just have parents/friends/family of my students in attendance. I have community members who have almost no connection to the school whatsoever. They just come for the show.

On May 17th is the final performance of my school year with my K-5 students and the entire program is popular music from the last 60 years. Already I’m hearing from parents and grand-parents about how their students are excited and so are they. By covering 60 decades of popular music there’s going to be at least one song that triggers a memory from every audience member. There’s going to be an emotional connection with them at some point in the program. I’ve stacked the deck to make it so.

If you’d like to read more about how I create, teach, and put on ‘The Perfect Pop Performance‘ with my adorable students, you can check out my post at Steve’s Music Room.

Not only do I walk you through the process so you can get an SRO crowd yourself, but I share with you the exact resources I’ve created to save my voice in the classroom and supporting at-home practice.

The only thing you may not see in the post is the final song I added to the program so that my 4th graders could have a chance to show off their recorder skills. You can watch the video of their second practice HERE ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE…. be sure to “LIKE” and “FOLLOW” while you’re there!

[Oh look! Facebook lets me embed it!]


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