2017 was a fabulous year, don’t you agree?

And now that it’s come to an end I want to  share with you the HIGHLIGHTS from music-edulation-land social media, blog, podcast, and publications.

You’ll want to save this post, print it, email it, and share it so you can come back and partake of each of these bits of content and apply them to your own teaching practice.

Without further ado…here’s your 2017 Music Educator ROUNDUP!

Biggest Blog Post:

This won’t come as any surprise, but the most popular post on the ProfessionalMusicEducator.com blog was….

“Baby Steps: Tips for Surviving Your First Week of School” 

I think this is STILL relevant this time of year since it’s safe to say you probably want to ease back in after the holiday break, too. This post’s download was particularly popular with almost 2,000 music educators snagging the list of fun videos and activities.

Other top posts include:
“How to Know It’s Time to Quit Your Music Teaching Job”
“6 Things You Can Do That will Make You Want to Go Back to Teaching After a $#!^ Day”
These posts also include goodies to help support you! So be sure to check them out if you haven’t, and share with your like-minded music educators.

Biggest Download:

Offered as a follow-up to our FREE Online Workshop, “Creating and Funding an Inventory Repair and Replacement Plan” , this template is an easy-to-manage, all-in-one Excel file template for collecting and tracking all your sweet sweet music program data!

“The Ultimate Music Program Data Collection and Tracking Template”

Biggest FREE Workshop:

Hands-down people wanted to learn grant writing, and I was happy to oblige with my free online workshop…

“How to Write a Grant in 30 Minutes or Less”

Now, if you’ve already watched that workshop and thought you’d like to learn more and in-depth, then my online training, “Confident Grant Writing” could be perfect for you. To incentive you to take it, I’ve temporarily dropped the price from $97 to $37. Call it my $60 gift to you to get the New Year started off right! 


Biggest YouTube Video:

This one is kind of embarrassing…not because it’s not good stuff, I think it really is…but because since I recorded it I’ve lost about 20 pounds thanks to the Whole30. Regardless, here it is:
“Yoga for Conductors, Directors, and Music Educators”

Biggest Podcast Episode:

It’s hard not to get a whole lot of listens when you have 30+ guests on the episode! So here’s one of our favorites…

“Live! From NAfME…Tips for Conference Attendance”

It’s also super timely for those looking at state conferences coming up the next few months.

As a bonus, we had a lot of people listen to the Choir Ninja podcast where I got to be the guest and talk about EASY FUNDRAISING.


Which episode was your favorite? Let me know!

12 + 6 =

Biggest Guest Post:

Hard not to get a lot of views when NAfME has you guest post then shares, emails, and promotes it…right? So in case you missed it…

“Battling Burnout: Actions You Can Take Today to Ensure You’ll Still Love Teaching Tomorrow” 

I also had an AWESOME time presenting on this same subject at the national conference. I share all about it in THIS PODCAST EPISODE.


Biggest Things to Look Forward to in 2018:

There are some good, good things coming at you in 2018!

We’ll be spending a lot of January talking all about Recruitment and Retention and I bring on some really high-profile guests to the podcast, so make sure you subscribe.


I’ll also have the print version of my book available. You can snag the digital download here:


If you’ve haven’t already discovered the totally LIVE and ONLINE In-service opportunity coming at you June 2018, here it is:


Because we can’t all spend hundreds of dollars annually to attend conferences in person. I mean, I wish we could…they’re fabulous! This is another option for getting in-service you need at a price you can afford, with all the advantages of peer-reviewed presentations, live sessions, and online networking. SCORE!

I’ll also be adding even more free online workshops, downloads, goodies, tips, tricks, posts, podcasts all with the view of helping you build, manage, and grow YOUR thriving school music program so you can have a long and happy career.

That’s my mission.

Join me.


​Elisa ♫


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