When you’re music program is under fire, or your enrollment numbers are dwindling, or you need justification for a boost in funding or staff or hours, then it’s time for you to access all the resources you can get for music advocacy.

Today I offer you my recommendation of the Top 7 Advocacy Resources for Music Educators.

#1: Music for All

Why I love them: So so so many free tools and resources! Well thought out pamphlets, videos, articles…everything you need to really send a message.

#2: Children’s Music Workshop

Why I love them: News, videos, and a robust list of articles you can cite in your advocacy attempts…and don’t forget to use them for social media posts!

#3: The NAMM Foundation

Why I love them: For those of you who don’t know, NAMM stands for the “National Association of Music Merchants”. They’re the guys who make and/or sell all the stuff you need to run a music program. So it makes sense business-wise for them to support education in schools…and that’s what their namesake foundation is for! The plus-side is they are a fundraising powerhouse and offer a wealth of support for teachers with a knowledge base and free materials. CLICK HERE to get their free PDF download!

      Quick Note: if you’re on the NAMM Foundation Board and are looking for a new board member…call me. I’m all over that. 

#4: Open Music Library

Why I love them: Just got to their home page and you’ll love them too. It’s thousands of resources all ready for you to access! This database is well-tagged and collaborative. I mean, seriously, more than 4,000 articles on all aspects of music education alone. And much, much more.

#5: TMEA

Why I love them: There’s a reason why Texas boasts some of the strongest, well-funded programs in the country. They get it. And the reason why they get it is because of their efforts in Music Advocacy. And now they are giving you dozens of free downloads of their best material. Texas Music Educators Association: Thank You.

#6: National Association for Music Education

Why I love them: Advocacy isn’t a byword or a marketing ploy or a way to keep their members getting paid so they can pay their membership dues- it’s part of the mission of the NAfME, and that gives it more weight and power than any of the other organizations aforementioned. Also, they have the influence to get the best resources all together. Weight. Power. Influence…..THAT’s effective advocacy.

#7: Pinterest

Why I love it: Pinterest is not an ‘organization’ as the others above, but it is a collective crowd-sourced database. That means you’re going to get info from A LOT of resources that don’t have the power and influence of NAMM Foundation, NAfME, etc. That also means it can come from your peers…those in the trenches just like you….sharing what works best right now.

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