Mixed feelings with the end of the year approaching? Well put them aside and let’s get things done!

I’ve asked music teachers from all over the country what things HAVE to get done to close out the end of the school year and combined it with about 10 other itemized lists and BOOM: the ULTIMATE checklist custom-created for you!

After all, there’s nothing worse than leaving the last day of school and remembering that…oh crap…you forgot to do that one thing!

So here is the ULTIMATE CHECKLIST of stuff you HAVE TO DO before you walk out of the door the last day of school. It’s in a spreadsheet format so you can quickly scan through it and delete any items that don’t pertain to your current situation [if you don’t teach orchestra, you can delete the item to ‘loosen strings on cellos’].

We cover what you need to do with Inventory, Instruments, Classroom, Personnel, Paperwork and Scheduling, and for Yourself.

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[The file is currently ‘read only’…so be sure to download it onto your own computer to make edits!]


Ultimate End of Year Checklist Download