I like to say that I have a deep, burning indifference for the holidays.

On one hand you have all the snow, fires, hot drinks, hot alcoholic drinks, parties, families, and, most of all for us teachers, lots of vacation days! Woo hoo!

But on the other hand you have to buy gifts, cook a lot, drink too much, and, most of all for us teachers, have to create, rehearse, facilitate, and perform some type of musical holiday program (or maybe more than one!), on top of getting our grades in on time.

Also, the cold.

And yet one thing has been in my life the last 2 years that I have found true enjoyment in: TUBA CHRISTMAS!

My daughter started playing tuba the end of her first year of band (I started her on trumpet), and by mid-second year she was outstanding! So, of course, her brilliant music teacher suggested she participate in the mass gathering of Tuba, Baritone, Sousaphone, and Euphonium players who gather from all over Western Colorado to perform Christmas Carols together at the local mall.

It just gives you the warm, holiday feeling to see your friends and colleagues sitting down next to your daughter or their own students, or guys twice their age, and performing together.

Because music is timeless. Ageless. Integral to our civilization. #musicismandatory

What was your favorite moment of the holiday season that involved music?