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I am the author of two blogs:, where I help school music educators build, manage, and grow thriving school music programs, and where I share highly opinionated trail adventures I take on my own and with my little family.

These are my personal blogs, and though they are focused on music education and trail travels specifically, and on occasion I mix in a variety of adventures and opinions that can’t be categorized as either.

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My Biography

I’m an educator.

    I have been teaching music for nearly 20 years now, and I’ve been engrossed in it from birth, since my dad was a band and choir teacher for 40 years. I have run my own private lesson studio, currently teach in a private Catholic school, and my public school experience gave me the chance to open a brand new school, as well as teach band, orchestra, and general music, as well as hosting every festival known to man.

I am a business consultant.

The last few years have seen me getting my MBA and growing a portfolio of work ranging a wide-variety of industries and many projects and needs. I specialize in strategic solutions. I’m like a  business doctor: I listen to the symptoms, find the root cause, and provide a prescription. I also have spent 14+ years working in and out and around music retail, providing services to music educators from clinics to try-out nights to festival judging, as well as helping them find solutions to their needs for support materials.

I am a nonprofit specialist.

From being CEO and Board president of the fledgling Grand Valley Trails Alliance, to COO of the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation, and currently serving as the Treasurer on the School District 51 Foundation board, I have been immersed in all aspects of nonprofit management. I’ve done strategic plans, financial accountability, cash flows, donor relations, event management, grant writing, meeting facilitation, business planning, and program development.

My #1 goal is to turn all of my experience, education, and expertise to help teach music educators how to better manage their programs, securing funding, gaining influence, and creating more time so that they can focus on what really matters: teaching music.

But it’s not about me. The point is that I’ve been working hard over the last few years to come up with solutions for music educators. Music educators (and boosters!) like you.

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