“One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore. “Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Ah, it’s Christmas Time again.

Because Thanksgiving is over. Though as music teachers, we’ve been deciding what songs to perform for this holiday season for months now. [Kid you not, I was listening to Christmas music in July. Decided early on that ‘Somewhere in my Memory‘ would be included….]

So it’s just the right time to decide what to get for YOUR music teacher this year. After all, not everyone enjoys Starbucks.

  1. A gift card. Not to Starbucks but how about to Barnes and Noble? Or your local pizza pub? What are they into? The outdoors? Because an REI card would definitely not go astray. Certainly, we can all use something from Amazon or iTunes. Or a 3 month subscription to Spotify Premium…
  2. Something you’ve made. Like a song. Or a funny video. Or even a nice card saying what an awesome music teacher they are! This music teaching thing is a more challenging job that you could ever imagine, but your kind words of encouragement actually make a huge difference to us.
  3. A new instrument. Yeah, just about any instrument. We’ll use it! If it’s not playable, then we’ll use it as decoration. So pull out that old violin that’s been in your closet collecting dust and get a little tax write-off action by giving it to your music teacher [trust me, even if they don’t play violin, they’ll still love it!]
  4. A letter to the principal. Write something up that says how freakishly awesome your music teacher is! This will go a long way, and it’s totally free!
  5. Sanitizing spray. I know this sounds silly, but some of us see hundreds of kids a day. Kids that may or may not have some random disease or not [at my school this year it was hand foot mouth…yuck!] or even know that they are contagious! Give something that smells awesome, like this Lysol.
  6. Snacks, goodies, and Emergen-C. We’re busy people. We snack between classes. We don’t take sick days- we can’t afford to! So keep our energy up with easy-to-consume snacks that are healthy but don’t take long to chew or get stuck in our teeth, and lots of Emergen-C.
  7. Self-care packages. I’m talking massages, pedicures, and yes even for the gentleman teachers. We need to be reminded sometimes to take a few minutes for self-care. Otherwise we will literally march/run/sing our way into the ground!

So there you go! 7 ideas that are NOT a Starbucks gift card that, and that I guarantee your music teacher will LOVE!

Did I leave something out? Share it below! What’s on your Christmas List?